Stone rows and fairy rings

Walter Jenks, Fairy ring

Walter Jenks, The fairy ring

Just back from a break in the West Country.  We first spent a few days in North Cornwall, staying in the Landmark Trust‘s splendid property, The College, in Week St Mary, which was built as a Tudor grammar school.


From there we visited the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle.  This is highly recommended: it’s not a huge place but it’s packed with intelligent and fascinating displays.  It takes a serious and enquiring view of the subject- with only a few mentions of he who shall not be named (HP).  It’s rather out of the way, but well worth the effort to travel there.


‘Woodland wish’ by Kate Monkman- a postcard from the Museum collection.

Next we headed to Dartmoor to visit megalithic sites old and new.  We stayed at another Landmark property, the Chapel at Lettaford- extra enticing as artist Brian Froud lives only just down the road.  The moors were pretty dry after our long, hot English summer and were covered in tiny fairy rings of orange mushrooms.  At first I’d boldly marched across the turf, but then I found myself alert to the potential danger and weaving around the circles!  As an early birthday present, I picked up a copy of a new book, Old Stones, from Arcturus Books in Totnes.  It looks bound to be the inspiration of yet more rambles across that “wild and windy moor.”

down tor

The cairn circle and stone row at Down Tor, Dartmoor

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