The fairies of Albion


Paul Nash- Earth home or The fortress

A quick plug for my other WordPress blog.  On johnkruseblog I write about archaeology, art, history, landscape, theatre, film and anything else that takes my fancy.

A long term theme has been the idea of Albion as a parallel or alternative identity for Britain- a mythical, mystical counterpart.  I’ve just posted a discussion on the fairies of Albion, examining how our local fays may be seen as an expression of the spirit of the land and of the people.

This posting ties in with some thoughts I’ve looked at here, especially the links between fays and our ancient landscape and the theories of William Blake.

Click on over to johnkruseblog and have a look!

4 thoughts on “The fairies of Albion

    1. Gerard- thanks for pointing this out. I’ve tried to correct it with a link to the blog generally, and can’t explain the issue (other than to say that WordPress can make it impossible for you to switch between different accounts when you’re logged into one of them- my only criticism!)


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